1/13/2018 12:43 pm
Why is no-one discussing this more?

I have been aware of and doing this for nearly 25 now.

And like the analogy you drew about the womens G-Spot, there is also an Epicentre, a deeper location, that can produce such intense orgasms you can literally have an out of body experience.

So the Prostate gets you going, but that deeper spot is where you will lose all control.
A good and aware fister can keep you on the edge of conciseness for as long as you can physiy withstand it.
An hour is not uncommon, but these days I am not as fit as I was and start to flag after 45 minutes.

Preparation is key.
It takes a bit of preparation and a lot of cleaning out, as you need to be totally clean.
Not just the bowel but also the colon.
That takes the most work.

And as stated by the moderator, the mules contract back, amazingly, even when subjected to 2 hands.

Note to Moderator: Good words in your preface, but capitals is shouting and not easy to read.

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